Hey there! Let me introduce myself first. My name is Aliya, I am 36, and currently live in McLean VA. My family and I moved to the US from Kazakhstan almost 6 years ago, and we enjoy it so much! I have always had a passion for organizing spaces. As a busy mom of two I had to create my own system to keep the house clean and organized. Honestly, it took me a while! When I finally had the whole picture in my head I decided to convert my hobby into a business, because I always wanted to really love what I do. I started joining NAPO National Association of Professional Organizers and completed all required classes. Now I am Professional Home Organizer and about to graduate from Design School. After 13 years of marriage, two kids and one big move across the ocean I feel very confident in what I do and ready to help you with your organizing needs.


Well, thats where the challenge begins. Most of the people don’t like to declutter. They always think that all the stuff around them is crucial in everyday life. When in reality its not. That’s where I step in and we talk. We talk and discuss and come up with a plan, checklist you call it. Clutter free life will make you productive in what you do and focused on really important things in life.

Creating routine

Honestly that’s my favorite part of the process. That’s what made my life more structured and organized. Daily routine is a very powerful tool! Basically it’s a set of good habits you practice daily. When you get used to a well planned routine every task you do wont seem that hard to do anymore because all you will think is accomplishing your daily goal! You might read it and think that you have a routine but does this routine help you to be more productive and achieve your daily goals?

Before you list

Listing a house can be very overwhelming and sad for the family! You need to pack all the years you’ve spent there in a thousand boxes and leave. That is a tough job. You can rely on me! My goal here is to turn you around and get you ready for a new beginning, new life, new positive emotions in a new house you will be calling Home.

Organize your new home

Isnt it so exciting to move into a new house or apartment? That’s where you will get new memories, new neighbors and all the good stuff associated with a move. You dream about moving there and have a beautiful picture of what your new place will look like. But is it really that easy to actually move in and unpack all of your belongings? I don’t think so. What will you do? Start an unpacking marathon? How would you feel at the finish line? Would you even get there? If you know what I am talking about, get my help! Call me and book your free consultation. You will experience smooth transition between two places and be happy forever.

Room by room organizing

When I say room by room organizing, I really mean it! We could start with kitchen, and then transition to pantry. As soon as you will find your space is functioning for you, we will proceed, oh yes we will! Playroom, kids room, master bedroom, closets, any drawers, you name it! I will make sure every single area suits you, you schedule and your lifestyle! I promise, I will make it work fo you and your family!